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Clone a VirtualBox Disk

Get a list of drives first VBoxManage list hdds Clone the desired drive using the UUID: VBoxManage clonehd 3ce7cfe9-845d-4358-9120-7a46390bcf8c ~/.VirtualBox/HardDisks/newname   It's nice to share…LinkedinFacebookTwitteremail

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pm_tick Panics

If your virtualized cluster panics with the following: Sep 8 09:18:10 node1 genunix: [ID 898738 kern.notice] Aborting node because pm_tick delay of 5492 ms exceeds 5050 ms This is common when using Solaris Cluster in a virtual machine. The following

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scinstall Reboot Fails

If the first node fails a reboot after scinstall completes with the following errors, read on for the fix: Jan 27 11:52:50 node1 genunix: WARNING: CCR: Invalid CCR table : rgm_rt_SUNW.LogicalHostname:4 cluster global. Jan 27 11:52:50 node1 genunix: WARNING: CCR:

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Using ZFS in OS X

I recently decided to try out the OpenZFS implementation of ZFS on my mac desktop and so far, I’m impressed. In this post, I’ll cover some of the issues encountered along the way. Let me start by describing my configuration. My desktop

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Creating a Bootable USB Stick

Open Disk Utility and make sure any volumes on the USB stick (not the disk) are unmounted. Use dd select the target disk: dd if=/path/to/your/downloaded.img of=/dev/disk5 bs=1024 It's nice to share…LinkedinFacebookTwitteremail

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Burn ISO Image

My desktop system is a Mac and I use VMware Fusion to test operating systems and cluster configurations.  Oracle sometimes delivers the Oracle Solaris Cluster software in a tarball so here’s how to burn it to an ISO image which can

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