This is my blog currently running on a Ubuntu server and being served up using WordPress.  The web server is running in an LXC container.

About me…  My name is Tom Southerland and I’ve lived in Colorado until moving to Central Florida in April of 2017.  I grew up in Colorado on the western slope in (at the time) the small town of Carbondale.  Our family moved to Palisade in 1978 so I finished my last 2 years of high school there.  I graduated in 1980 and being young and lacking in wisdom, started working in the coal industry.  I worked for Powderhorn Coal from 1980 to 1986 when the the closure of the Roadside and Cameo mines forced me to make a career change.

I moved to Denver and went back to school and earned an Associates Degree in electronics.  It was during this time that I was introduced to computers as we were required to design and build circuits, connect them to a small computer, and write the control program to drive the circuit.  Upon graduation, I went to work for a computer distribution company which sold high end graphics cards, plotters, computers, and anything else a business needed using Autocad.  It was at this company that I was introduced to Sun Microsystems and the BSD version of their OS, SunOS 4.1.  When Sun Microsystems opened their support center in Broomfield, around 1997, I applied and was hired.  Since then,  I’ve worked on MSDOS, VMS, Ultrix, Windows (whatever), SunOS, Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, and now FreeNAS.  I currently make my living working for Oracle developing diagnostic utilities which assist engineers with diagnosis and resolution of issues.

My other interests include photography, wood working, dogs & cats, gardening, hiking, fishing, camping, music, and… Life.  Please enjoy the site and do provide comments and suggestions.



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