FreeBSD / FreeNAS Clone Jail

BSD, Technology, Virtualization
I recently had the need to update my shiny new FreeBSD jailed server because I wanted to migrate to WordPress. I didn't want to bring down the existing server while I did the install and converted my content so I managed to clone my existing jailed server using warden: warden export name_of_jail --dir=/directory_for_warden_file This will take a while... Once done, you can import the warden file creating a new jail: warden import jail_warden_file.wdn --host=jailbird --ipv4= You've now got a cloned jail and a template for creating other jailed servers.
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New Site on FreeNAS

I just finished my server migration and am now serving up CIFS shares from a 4TB RAID1 zpool.  This site is served via a native FreeBSD jail which also handles my email.  It was a bit of a bumpy migration as I suspected my hardware had gone bad.  My original 'plan', was to install two new 4TB NAS disks, install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, install ZOL, and transfer the data to a shiny new zpool before my existing raid died (spinning for 4+ years).  Things went fine until a few hours after the transfer completed and then the box started locking up.  I assumed it was a hardware problem as I had rewired all the SATA connections and swapped some memory. I tried swapping the memory back, moving it to a new bank,…
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